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Help Center Guide for landlords Reservations Can I decline a reservation request? How does the 3 Rejections Rule work?
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Can I decline a reservation request? How does the 3 Rejections Rule work?

Of course, you can decline a request! However, we do note it. Flatio tries to guarantee that everyone on our platform - both tenants and landlords - is serious about the rental process. We don’t want to disappoint either side, so we keep a close eye on declined requests.

When you decline a reservation in My Rentals, we ask you to select the reason for the rejection. These are categorized into authorized and unauthorized rejections. A rejection is authorized when the tenant does not respect the requirements you have published in your listing (such as asking to bring a dog when you don't accept pets or trying to have more people stay than your flat is meant for). Unauthorized rejections include declining a request because you did not have your property’s availability set correctly, or because of poorly set prices, etc.

If you make three unauthorized rejections within 90 days for a particular property, we automatically disable your property listing’s advertisement on Flatio. This is the 3 Rejection Rule. If you feel that a rejection we consider unauthorized is justified, please contact our customer support team (support@flatio.com) to discuss your options and your expectations for further bookings.

IMPORTANT! If you do not respond to a reservation request within 24 hours of receiving it, Flatio counts it as declined and it is counted toward the 3 Rejection Rule.

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