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Help Center Guide for landlords Move in and move out of tenant What is a Damage Coverage Guarantee deposit and how can I qualify for it?
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What is a Damage Coverage Guarantee deposit and how can I qualify for it?

Flatio knows your property is valuable. We also respect that, without a deposit, it can be a risk to rent your flat out to strangers. This is why Flatio performs background checks where possible for potential tenants and tries to connect you only with serious, reliable people.

It is also why we set up the Flatio Damage Coverage Guarantee (DCG), which is intended to cover possible expenses or unexpected accidents up to CZK 250,000 that are incurred during a tenant’s stay with you. However, this guarantee is not insurance, nor is it a replacement for insurance.

Damage Coverage Guarantee Terms

To claim damages from the Damage Coverage Guarantee, the following conditions must be met:

  • It must be reported as soon as possible, i.e., within one day of handover of the property.
  • You must provide proof of the damage and amount of damage to Flatio within one week of the termination of the lease. In particular, we need documentation (at least Handover protocol) completed and signed by both Parties which is ideally supported by photographs.
  • You must prove that you have sent the tenant a request for compensation.

All materials you send us at this time must demonstrably describe the condition of the property before and after the damage occurred, as well as specify the costs that are necessary to return your housing to the condition before the damage occurred.

If our assessment team feels that this proof is not sufficient, Flatio may ask to extend the provided documentation or even to visit the property in person.

Please note that the Damage Coverage Guarantee also requires the landlord to pay the contribution up to 200 EUR of the actual proven damage, but not more than 25% of the proven damage. So, if the proven damage is 500 EUR, the landlord will contribute with 125 EUR only. If it is 2 000 EUR, the landlord will contribute with 200 EUR.


The Flatio Damage Coverage Guarantee does not apply to the following cases:

  • Damage or loss of valuables, works of art or cash
  • Wear and tear caused by normal use
  • Rent or energy arrears
  • Damages that could be paid for by home or property insurance.

How long does it take to claim the Damage Coverage Guarantee?

In most cases, we try to handle claims of the Flatio Damage Coverage Guarantee within 14 days. However, this period may be extended depending on the quality and completeness of the individual documents you send us, the amount of the damages, and the cooperation (or communicativeness) of the tenant.

What happens when the money is paid out?

After your proven damages from the Damage Coverage Guarantee are paid to you, you sign a power of attorney over to us so that we can begin to recover damages. This completes the matter for you.

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