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Helena K
Helena K.
Neighborhood hero
Neighborhood hero
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Lea R.
Lea R.
Перед 6 месяцев назад
We loved living in Helena’s flat and we already miss it. The neighborhood is perfect. We recommend her flat 100%. She has been a perfect lordlady too. We are grateful for her help and support as well as the ones of her kind brother. Thanks a lot!


A great place in the calm yet lively neighbourhood of Karlín (kind of Prague's little Manhattan). Not in the busiest city centre, yet pretty close still - and with no hills on the way there, which is not exactly common in Prague. Public transport by metro or tram is really no problem during day _and_ night. The flat itself is not large, but cosily and smartly furnished including a grand loft bed and huge top to bottom windows providing lots of light as well as soothing view of the treetops and birds in the backyard. Despite the flat's size and placement just under the roof, there is nicely reconstructed full-fledged bathroom including a bathtub (and lots of ducks)! The owner is a good friend of mine and I know she does take care of giving this place a boost every now and then. Moreover, she's always ready to help you with any problem that might arise during your stay. I really enjoyed living there couple of years ago.
Обо мне
Žiju s manželem a třemi malými dětmi v Německu. Můj malý byt v Karlíně jsme vždy rádi navštěvovali. S rostoucím počtem dětí je ale cestování stále náročnější, a zdá se mi škoda, aby mezi našimi návštěvami byl tento krásný byt několik měsíců prázdný. Proto ho teď nabízím na Flatio ke střednědobému pronájmu.

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