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Tamas S.
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Neighborhood hero
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From an individual person, graduate economist, for about 1.5 months, it is an imaginative, renovated brick apartment for rent from late-February to early -March 2020. The apartment is located near the University of Veterinary Medicine and the City Park, on the 7th floor. Located in the middle of Hernád street (33 m2 +13 m2 level separation) it is located in the middle of Hernád street and has a 1.5-room American-kitchen with individual gas heating, 3. It's located on the 2nd floor, quiet and sunny. Furnished mechanized kitchen (stove, extractor, fridge, microwave), set of dishes, etc. it's an orderly, bourgeois building. Wi-Fi (UPC, TV subscription to be ordered) is available in the apartment. excellent public transport facilities M4, ideal for couples and young people (3 separate sleepers). I don't expect to apply for intermediaries. rent: 159,000/month. After 14hours 309 394 and 394

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