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Qin B
Qin B.
Neighborhood hero
Neighborhood hero
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Nina-Mirela M.
Nina-Mirela M.
Перед 3 месяца назад
The only good thing about this apartment is that it has a very good location. Apart from that, it is very noisy (the main room faces the street) and you can barely sleep during the night. Not to mention in the summer it is extremely hot (being at the last floor) and the existing fan doesn't keep up with the high temperatures. On top of that one of the windows doesn't fully close. The washing machine doesn't spin the clothes and once the cycle is over you get your clothes full of water. There wasn't also any recent disinfection since there were spiders and ants in the apartment. But at the end of the day, what was the most disturbing is the fact that once you've moved in and pay, the landlord completely ignores you if you have any issues or something is not according to the description. Extremely amateurish!
Pedro N.
Pedro N.
Перед месяц назад
Qin B. was a great landlord and I had a very good stay in her flat. I totally recommend!


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