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Yardena S.
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Neighborhood hero
Experienced host
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2 Bedroom apartment with Balcony

Оценено: 27.02.2020 Length of stay: 2 месяца

Great host! Highly recommend Yardena and her appartment that is situated very near to many tourist attractions.

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Greg ..

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I'm half Portuguese half German that loves Portugal and travelling, that was raised between Lisboa and Alentejo in Portugal I work in the Film Industry for over 15 years and just moved to Alentejo nearby the sea after giving birth to my son and meeting my partner in life. Longing to a more peaceful routine that has led me to leave my apartment in Lisboa, I do come to the city on several occasions to work. I'm very pleased to show you around, as I have travelled I really think Lisboa is one of the most complete cities in the world.

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