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Ramiro F
Ramiro F.
Neighborhood hero
Порту, Lagos
Neighborhood hero
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Rogelio A N.
Rogelio A N.
Перед 7 месяцев назад
My current landlord is great, very helpful.
He checks on me often and ask if I need anything.
He also has provided high quality furnishings and supplies for the kitchen and bathroom.
The apartment is very comfortable and livable.
I highly recommend him and his property.
Rogelio A N.
Rogelio A N.
Перед 5 месяцев назад
I liked the apartment and landlord very much. Location is wonderful also.
I reviewed last month this same place and Ramiro.


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My business is to rent properties whether residential, industrial and commercial and tourism. I have had this business as my main activity for several years. In addition to being a business, it is also a pleasure to host people.
Интересы и увлечения
I am interested in sports, business, home furniture design, and off course stay with my family. I live in Lagos since very young age and i must say i still in love with this city. In lagos and nearby i have a lot of contacts for everything is necessary and help everyone to stay here.

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