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Ana C
Ana C.
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I am Ana, owner and host of Oporto Golden Apartment and Oporto Platinum Loft, two apartments strategically located in the city of Porto. It was from a young age that I started to collect all the pennies to be able to travel, in order to collect unforgettable moments and live exciting experiences. Traveling makes us grow and change! It is from this passion that the idea of ​​providing others with everything that I have always valued in my travels arises: comfort, originality and some refinement. Thus OPORTO GOLDEN APARTMENT was born and later, OPORTO PLATINUM LOFT, in the wonderful city of Porto that has so much to offer you! I wish you to enjoy your stay and ask you please to take care of our apartments as if they were yours! Thank you for your preference !!!
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I love food and wine, traveling and enjoy the nature!

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