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Gonçalo C
Gonçalo C.
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I am a portuguese guy with 26 years old, that was born in Lisbon and I've always lived here. My biggest passion is travel around the world, to meet new people and have new experiences. I managed samesame, with my team, which is the first 100% portuguese creative co-living in Lisbon. Raised upon the need of creating a place that cherishes art and the sense of belonging, samesame is a place where imagination is supported and your own creative self is welcomed into a growing like-minded community.  The first 100% portuguese creative co-living in the center of Lisbon where you can rest, create and linger. It belongs to a creative block, including two creative co-working spaces and a bar - Beco, Esquina and Insitu. 

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Ноябрь 2020

Gonçalo является проверенным домовладельцем.
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