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Moniek v
Moniek v.
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I'm a Dutchie residing in Lisbon since 1.5 years. After spending 7 years in South Africa, Lisbon is my new home. I love its energy, in particular the play of light and shadows on the street, and all of the wonderful people that this city seems to attract. My living room with the blue wall is my fav place; it's a perfect place to relax, to breathe and meditate. I'm an entrepreneur in the wellness space, through a variety of products, as well as leadership retreats. Authenticity is my vibe, I'm an ocean lover, and a big fan of exercising daily, hiking, dancing, road trips in my surf van, and connecting with new people.
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As a traveller and explorer, I'm always happy to share my favorite places in Lisbon and the whole of Portugal, as well as the hidden gems :)

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