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Fernanda V
Fernanda V.
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Hey, traveller! As a journalist and a baker, I am always keen to have more stories to hear and more people around my table. I'm a 40yo Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro and being single without kids gives me opportunity to receive guests and friends for dinners and for visits at home. For now, I look for an ideal flatmate, or a more steady visitor that would stay for a longer period of time and open to build a collective and collaborative connection with the city, the house and myself, as a friend.
Интересы и увлечения
Fermentation is almost my second name, now. I do enjoy to bake sourdough bread and have been working in big bakeries in town since this Covid theme started. I do also love gardening and taking care of my plants, we do have more than 30 around the house. Cooking is by far my favourite house activity, but I do also dance, do yoga and have some friends visiting for dinner once in a while.

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