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Bitcoin payments an option on Flatio. You can pay your rent with this cryptocurrency in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, and most importantly, Germany

Brno, September 20, 2017 – Flatio, a Brno-based start-up company focusing on arranging accommodation for 1 to 6 months, has recently allowed its clients to pay via the cryptocurrency called bitcoin. It is expected that this service will be used mainly by digital nomads, as well as some foreign managers looking for medium-term accommodation. The start-up company from Brno has thus become one of the few European real estate companies accepting this particular kind of currency.

“When we began providing accommodation services in Berlin in September, it became apparent that there is a certain demand for payments to be made in bitcoin. We believe that bitcoin will become successful also in other major European cities, into which we want to expand in the future,“ Radim Rezek, the founder and CEO of Flatio, says.

On Flatio, it is possible to pay entire rents with bitcoin, with the exception of the €19 reservation fee. Implementing bitcoin is a part of the long-term strategy of Flatio, which aims to introduce new technologies into the real estate market. At the beginning of the year, Flatio introduced the option of virtual reality apartment tours, for which only a pair of cardboard glasses and a smartphone are required. “Our goal is to introduce new, practical types of technology. We did not consider bitcoin as an option in the past. However, Berlin changed everything. We intend to bring in the latest technological advances and make renting an apartment through the internet much easier. What we would like to do next is to incorporate artificial intelligence or augmented reality in the renting process,“ Rezek adds.

To process the payments by bitcoin, Flatio uses a payment gateway provided by GoPay. This ensures a smooth transaction. The clients will be charged with bitcoins based on the current exchange rate. However, the landlords will be paid in local currency, most often in the Czech Crowns or Euros.

More about Flatio.com

Flatio is an expert on providing accommodation for a few months and its services are suitable especially for those who need temporary accommodation, usually during longer business trips, educational stays, Erasmus stays, or during their own apartment renovations. Its clients also include those who come to visit their families and friends for longer periods of time.

Flatio’s main idea is to connect real estate business with the latest advances in technology, and by doing so, make the entire rental process significantly easier. The company also tries to avoid the deep-rooted stereotypes of real estate agencies: deposits, the necessity of personal apartment visits, or personal contract signatures. Apartment tours are done in VR, contracts are signed online, and finally, payments can be made online by card, too, thanks to a unique application. Flatio wants its services to be as simple, fast, and as comfortable as possible, for both parties involved. It is possible to rent an apartment through Flatio from anywhere in the world. In September 2017, Flatio started allowing its clients to use bitcoin for making payments.

The company is currently active in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Vienna, Bratislava, and Berlin. It was founded by Radim Rezek, an entrepreneur, and its investors include Enern and INCOMMING Ventures investment groups.