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Medium-term rents – new term on the real estate market. Flatio allows owners to earn more with guarantee

Brno 21st June 2016 – There is a new opportunity on the Czech real estate market for flat owners – a growing segment of medium-term rents. This segment which is usually overlooked by real estate agencies is now aimed at by a new start-up from Brno, Flatio. The properties can earn up to 25% more with the medium-term than the long-term rents. Flatio also tries to change the current stereotypes on a real estate market, e.g. deposit or personal tour. All steps of the reservation and contract signing are online. Flatio offers more than 500 flats and houses in Brno and Prague.

„We tried to call more than ten real estate agents as a customer who wants a medium-term rent – not even one was surprised. This confirms that the medium-term rents were always wanted but nobody made it an exclusive service. Flatio is convenient for both sides. The owner earns more money and the customer finds his new housing very quickly and compared to hotels and other short-term housing concepts saves a lot of money,” explains the founder and CEO of Flatio, Radim Rezek.

Flatio complements short-term rents such as Airbnb which value the property more, but also need regular care and are more seasonal – Flatio offers an alternative for letting the property out of the main touristic season. Customers of medium-term rents are mainly managers of international corporations who come to work for some time in the Czech Republic and need a place to stay with their families, or Czech and foreigner students. “We know from experience that the medium-term housing in Prague and Brno is looked up by more creditworthy customers who need a temporary accommodation. These are often managers of big corporations such as IBM or Microsoft,” says Rezek.

13 monthly rents guarantee and 250 000 Kč for damages

Flatio connects flat owners with those who need temporary housing. To prevent any worries of the owners, Flatio offers so called Guarantee deposit of 250 000 Kč for property damage not covered by the flat insurance. Flatio also offers an exclusive programme of 13 rents where it commits itself to pay 13 rents to the owner during one year and it takes the risk of not having a tenant. This service is offered to the owners of flats in the most lucrative parts of Prague and Brno.

Online reservation as in a hotel without a deposit

„Our goal is to bring the common standards we are used to on the internet to the real estate sector. After signing the contract online we don’t run away but stay in touch with both sides. We supply them with a web application through which they can communicate. Tenants can pay their rent by card and also report any problems online. We want to simplify the property choice – like in a hotel, you can view photos, virtual tour and book the flat online,” says Rezek.

Flatio is based on detailed check out of the flat and 3D filming of it. This way Flatio can guarantee that it does not have any defects. Flatio verifies the customer before signing the contract. The last person to confirm the contract conclusion is always the owner. The contractual relationship is then directly between the owner and the tenant.