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Alcobaça, Португалия. Read all reviews of Flatio from Alcobaça tenants and landlords or make your own experience. It's safe and easy.

Valerie M. Tenant
YouTubers "Honeymoon Forever" Detailed description of landlord and property. Secure payment option, and ability to cancel.
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30.06.2021 Junqueira
Sónia A. Tenant
Para já nada! Está tudo impecável!
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14.06.2021 Nazaré
Francisco F. Tenant
UI sometimes is not friendly or intuitive (e.g. contract extension). Nice experience with all-online contract signing. High administrative costs.
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13.06.2021 Nazaré
Francisco F. Tenant
All online and clear statements of the contracts.
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27.04.2021 Nazaré
Juliane L. Tenant
Very clear terms and conditions, made me feel secure. I would though only reccommend after having the real experience, of course.
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22.05.2021 Nazaré
Mary C. Tenant
Very upfront and fair with the prices.
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26.03.2021 Nazaré
Ricardo V. Landlord
I like Flatio, don't like the way you charge for rent (not considering the special prices). It doesn't make any sense, it only "damages" landlords.
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12.03.2021 Nazaré
Cátia C. Tenant
A qualidade dos apartamentos
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24.02.2021 Nazaré
Karla C. Tenant
Easy to use
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05.02.2021 Nazaré
Daniela S. Tenant
O facto de ser simples
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24.12.2020 Nazaré