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vše ok Show more
Křížek D., spent 23 дня in Прага
Don't instantly throw away anything which is left behind! I forgot to… Show more
Joanna D., spent 29 дней in Прага
Service was okay Show more
Andreas B., spent 21 день in Будапешт
Byla to moje první zkušenost s Flatio a nesmírně si vážím jak… Show more
Lenka K., spent 2 месяца in Прага
The independent and secured access to the flat was nice. Show more
Ana K., spent 19 дней in Прага
It was easy to use and the house was just as described. Show more
Marie G., spent 6 месяцев in Прага
Excellent and unique service especially for nomads/slow travelers, it… Show more
Vitaly R., spent 2 месяца in Прага
Flatio offers the guarantees for a safe and trouble-free rental, all… Show more
Miguel H., spent 6 месяцев in Прага
Price/Fee is expensive but service good. Show more
Mads Fløistrup P., spent 2 месяца in Прага
Minden rendben, gördülékenyen zajlott. A magyarnyelvű email… Show more
Adrienn M., spent 26 дней in Будапешт
it is just perfect Show more
Kojay T., spent 14 дней in Будапешт
The service is great but the comition is high. Show more
Thiago P., spent 1 месяц in Прага
profesionálové Show more
Karel H., spent 19 дней in Прага
Vše mi příjde fajn. Show more
Bronislav R., spent 18 дней in Prague 1
I thought it was simple to work with Flatio and enjoyed the swift and… Show more
Devin B., spent 5 месяцев in Прага
Good support! Quick and informative answers Show more
Daniel B., spent 4 месяца in Прага
Rychlá komunikace, kvalitní služby. Byli jsme spokojení. Show more
Petra L., spent 7 месяцев in Прага
Flatio super appka, platba z karty rovnou majiteli, komunikace v… Show more
Tomáš B., spent 3 месяца in Прага
It was very easy to get a Czech copy of my lease contract for the… Show more
Felix S., spent 8 месяцев in Прага
Everything worked very well, communication was really fast and… Show more
Susanne F., spent 4 месяца in Брно
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