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Pienso que es la mejor plataforma de este tipo. Muy segura y te… Show more
Hernán O., провел 25 dní в Прага
Good, safe and convenient. Show more
Tuva N., spent 6 měsíců in Прага
easy and comfortable website Show more
Yuval B., spent 5 měsíců in Брно
Everything is great, thank you! Show more
Kristina S., spent 13 dní in Paço de Arcos
If I didn’t understand something or had any troubles, they answer my… Show more
Eriko S., spent 3 months in Братислава
Happy with the service. They remind you many times to do the payments… Show more
Emma Tuulia R., spent 4 months in Прага
Easy renting when a good landlord was found. Show more
Emma H., spent 5 měsíců in Прага
The reminders of the rent is good. Show more
Doriane B., spent 5 měsíců in Прага
Everything was great and the reminders for check-in and check-out… Show more
Meera A., spent 18 dní in Лиссабон
Flatio was an excellent housing service for extended stays in Prague.… Show more
Douglas W., провел 1 month в Прага
Customer service is amazing and the fact that there are verified… Show more
Noga F., spent 1 month in Порту
Flatio is a very good service for expats and nomads! The contracts… Show more
Ivan N., провел 4 months в Порту
Booking a place was smooth, nothing went wrong. Show more
Andrés Claudio B., провел 1 month в Colares
The easy way everything is arranged here. Show more
David P., провел 5 měsíců в Будапешт
The Flatio team is responsive and present throughout the rental… Show more
David V., провел 19 dní в Прага
A good experience with the website and finding options where to stay … Show more
Sofía O., spent 6 měsíců in Прага
I like the communication and transparency. Show more
Elena R., spent 9 dní in Лиссабон
Flatio was great - love the long-term fully ready to move in… Show more
Dasha V., spent 11 měsíců in Прага
Great customer care, very responsive. Show more
Matylda H., spent 2 months in Болонья
Флатио- отличный сервис Show more
Maxim K., провел 2 months в Torres Vedras
Trust & Safety
A high level of security for tenants thanks to StayProtection for Tenants.
Our reputation thrives on the experiences of many satisfied tenants.
Fair and final prices
No hidden fees. Utilities and WiFi included.
No-deposit flats
For stays shorter than 6 months.
Calling all digital nomads, remote workers, and slow travelers!

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