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The amazing apartment and the friendliness of the landlord Show more
Andzhela K., spent 4 месяца in Будапешт
Flatio is exceptional: the variety, ease of selecting and leasing an… Show more
Sabrina P., spent 4 месяца in Будапешт
The best part was the simplicity of getting in touch with the… Show more
Ana Gabriela G., spent 3 месяца in Прага
Great rates, informative and helpful! Show more
Linda M., spent 1 месяц in Horoměřice
Wxcellwnt Show more
Phillip M., провел 1 месяц в Лиссабон
10/10 loved everything about our stay here in Karlin. Would… Show more
Jenny C., spent 4 месяца in Прага
very easy site to navigate Show more
Becky S., spent 2 месяца in Albufeira
I really appreciate the guarantee provided when I’m not able to visit… Show more
Patrick L., провел 9 месяцев в Будапешт
Good. Show more
Eva H., spent 1 месяц in Лиссабон
A fast and transparent way to find a rental place Show more
Rinat R., провел 1 месяц в Gerês
Its all good! Show more
Maria Z., spent 19 дней in São Vicente
I loved the service! Everything is good Show more
Anastasia A., spent 1 месяц in Малага
Excelente servicio, seguimiento, notificaciones en su momento, nada… Show more
Ender M., провел 2 месяца в Albufeira
Velmi dobře, vždy jsem byla informována o všech postupech, které je… Show more
Patricia R., spent 15 дней in Прага
Flatio is a great option if you're looking for a medium-long term… Show more
Oliver R., провел 1 месяц в Лиссабон
Everything was covered and well communicated. I felt secure in my… Show more
Jessica C., spent 1 месяц in Lagos
Everything was very easy, good service, good price/quality ratio! Show more
Ligita K., spent 7 месяцев in Loulé
I loved how easy it was to pay for rent and communicate with the… Show more
Amina F., spent 8 месяцев in Прага
Very good. Timely and appropriate communication. Thank you. Show more
John R., провел 1 месяц в Прага
Everything was perfect. Show more
Sabine R., spent 11 месяцев in Прага
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