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Almada, Португалия. Read all reviews of Flatio from Almada tenants and landlords or make your own experience. It's safe and easy.

Yahya M. Tenant
easy reservation
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06.08.2021 Trafaria
Maria F. Tenant
The prices are reasonable. I can tell you more when I get accomodation sorted.
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06.06.2021 Trafaria
Carrie L. Tenant
It is so easy and flexible.
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09.07.2021 Charneca de Caparica
Diana P. Landlord
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04.07.2021 Trafaria
Keflin D. Tenant
Facilidade de arrendamento :)
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07.06.2021 Trafaria
Nilson M. Tenant
Gostei da plataforma digital bastante detalhada objetiva e organizada!
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21.05.2021 Barreiro
Claudia S. Tenant
As casas
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14.05.2021 Charneca da Caparica
Susana C. Tenant
A facilidade de poder fazer uma reserva.
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10.05.2021 Costa da Caparica
Belinda J. Tenant
It would be nice if the one that is renting a place also could prolong the stay without having to pay an additional fee.
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22.03.2021 Charneca de Caparica
João F. Tenant
A facilidade do Processo
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21.03.2021 Trafaria
Sylvio L. Tenant
A transparência e a facilidade da logistica que é oferwcida
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16.03.2021 Trafaria
Kellen M. Tenant
Facilidade, diversidade e preços.
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09.03.2021 Trafaria
Vanessa P. Tenant
facilidade de realizar reserva
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02.03.2021 Barreiro
Jose F. Tenant
O modo como apresenta o arrendamento.
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28.01.2021 Barreiro