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Armação de Pêra, Португалия. Read all reviews of Flatio from Armação de Pêra tenants and landlords or make your own experience. It's safe and easy.

Kasham L. Tenant
Nomad X community recommended it as a great/trusted site.
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02.06.2021 Silves
Radim R. Tenant
Better filtering for families would be helpful
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23.05.2021 Silves
Yolanda F. Tenant
A friend of mine used this platform several times and the experience has been marvelous!
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03.05.2021 Albufeira
Jan W. Tenant
Easy to use. I really like the overview of the map.
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29.04.2021 Armação de Pêra
Paulo B. Tenant
Eu não conhecia a Flatio. Surgiu-me no Facebook. Pelo que vi parece ser uma plataforma de alugueres muito interessante. Se for aquilo que aparenta ser, poderemos ser clientes durante muito tempo.
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11.03.2021 Armação de Pêra
Simon L. Tenant
Easier invoicing, either send invoice/receipt via attachment in email or make it easier to find. Cancelling reservations we need to contact you? why? - would it be easier to do it via the platform? Also when making multiple reservations, the first confirmation is accepted and all the others automatically declines - shouldn't the customer get the option to pick the best one?
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26.01.2021 Albufeira