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Берлин, Германия. Read all reviews of Flatio from Берлин tenants and landlords or make your own experience. It's safe and easy.

Thomas S. Tenant
the selection of apartments
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13.06.2021 Берлин
Leah W. Tenant
I like that there is no deposit required to book an apartment.
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31.05.2021 Берлин
Miroslav R. Tenant
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03.03.2021 Берлин
Aly K. Tenant
great flat and offer
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30.11.2020 Берлин
Cornelia H. Tenant
easy find apartaments..
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26.09.2020 Берлин
Edward C. Tenant
Easy to work.
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13.06.2020 Берлин
Peter T. Tenant
Even more crypto payment options would be great. Bitcoin Cash, Dash etc.
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04.05.2020 Берлин
Martin Š. Tenant
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22.04.2020 Берлин
Jelena D. Tenant
hassle free :)
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15.01.2020 Берлин
Michal B. Tenant
Zatiaľ všetko
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14.01.2020 Берлин
Gerrit C. Landlord
The service is perfect and easy to understand. No unnecessary complications in using the website, and fast responding in case you have a question. No idea, what could be done better.
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22.12.2019 Берлин
Renato V. Tenant
All the information is clear and the user interface is easy to use.
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13.10.2019 Берлин
Mariana S. Tenant
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17.08.2019 Берлин
Talzhdin O. Tenant
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15.08.2019 Берлин
Lucas D. Tenant
Easy to find apartments
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10.08.2019 Берлин
Laura S. Tenant
User-friendly interface, straightforward and honest descriptions, beautiful and clean properties
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30.07.2019 Берлин
Paul C. Tenant
Die Preise, die grosse Auswahl an Wohnungen und das Reservierungsablauf.
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27.05.2019 Берлин
Andrew H. Tenant
Very easy to use
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14.07.2019 Берлин
Agnes M. Tenant
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22.05.2019 Берлин
Eva F. Tenant
Die Frage kommt etwas zu früh, da ich das erste mal mit Flatio zusammenarbeite. Bisher gefällt mir die unkomplizierte Art der Vermittlung.
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16.05.2019 Берлин
Gerhard S. Tenant
Anleitung übersichtlich und gut verständlich
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15.05.2019 Берлин
Michal C. Tenant
It is intuitive
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25.03.2019 Берлин
Göksu K. Tenant
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14.03.2019 Берлин
Jana R. Tenant
Spolupráce se společností Flatio byla naprosto bezproblémová a vstřícná. Určitě Flatio doporučím svým známým hledajícím bydlení.
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03.03.2019 Берлин