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Carcavelos, Португалия. Read all reviews of Flatio from Carcavelos tenants and landlords or make your own experience. It's safe and easy.

Clement B. Tenant
Booking.com is bullshit, you are great.
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11.06.2021 Oeiras
Jolita K. Tenant
Gostei do conceito do serviço e experiência do usuario.
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06.06.2021 Carcavelos
Anabela L. Landlord
very well structured the web page and goos support team. i would like to receive the first rent right after signing the agreement.
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28.04.2021 Carcavelos
Diana G. Tenant
Poder alugar um imóvel sem burocracia e com segurança.
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06.04.2021 Carcavelos
Filipe M. Landlord
I find the 10% commission on the hosts side a bit too high compared to your main competitors.
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28.02.2021 Oeiras
Daniel T. Tenant
ainda nao sei
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24.02.2021 Parede
Igor M. Tenant
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21.12.2020 Parede
Samira P. Tenant
O serviço facilitado
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18.12.2020 Oeiras