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Colares, Португалия. Book a flat for your next stay in Colares without undue delay so the next 5-star review can be yours.

Clara D.
Апрель 2021
Clara stayed 21 день in Cascais
Was a very nice and clean room.
The staff where incredibly nice and helpful with all matters.
Overall friendly atmosphere.
Would recommend
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Saulo S.
Апрель 2021
Saulo stayed 3 месяца in São João das Lampas
The house is well located in a very chilled village, near beaches and necessary stores like food market, pharmacy and restaurants. Security sense is great and walking the streets at anytime is recomforting.
Andre is an incredible host, he's always supportive and care effortless to help. I'm really thankful for his availability, patience and kindness with me and my family.
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