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Острава, Чехия. Book a flat for your next stay in Острава without undue delay so the next 5-star review can be yours.

Renata V.
Апрель 2021
Renata stayed 1 месяц in Острава
Byt se nachází ve výborné lokalitě, čistý a dobře vybavený.
Byli jsme velmi spokojeni.
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Lucie B.
Декабрь 2020
Lucie stayed 14 дней in Острава
Výborná komunikace, rychlé jednání. Celkově spokojenost.
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Chloé H.
Декабрь 2019
Hespelle stayed 4 месяца in Острава
Very nice flat. In the city center, a lot of shops and a big mall very close. There are a lot of public transport, only 10 minutes from the train station. The owners are really helpful and welcoming. I recommend
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Tom C.
Август 2019
Tom stayed 3 месяца in Острава
The place is lovely, quiet and well equipped. We stayed for three months and it completely met our expectations. It's also well placed, in the city center and near bus and tram stop.

The owners are very kind and attentive to your needs so that you can enjoy your stay without difficulty with the accommodation.

We fully recommend it and couldn't have found a better place in Ostrava.
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