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Caio Augusto S. Tenant
Estou a conhecer.
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12.06.2021 Porto
Katherine P. Tenant
It's simple to use and great filters for looking at homes
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10.06.2021 Porto
Chien Ming Y. Tenant
Great user interface so easy to use. Provide lease contract. Reasonable termination policy.
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09.06.2021 Leça da Palmeira
Lauren B. Tenant
I haven't completed a transaction yet, but I have found the website easy to use and the offerings look good.
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09.06.2021 Порту
Joseph C. Tenant
The site is so easy to use. Like the idea that two week minimum helps owners not having to deal with constant turnover
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06.06.2021 Порту
Luisa A. Tenant
don't know yet
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04.06.2021 Порту
Gerson F. Tenant
Muito bem estruturado
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04.06.2021 Campo
Yolanda M. Tenant
Facilidad para gestionar el alquiler, buena presentación y variedad de inmuebles
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28.05.2021 Matosinhos
Manuel S. Tenant
No puedo responder ahora
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21.05.2021 Порту
Duarte P. Tenant
Facilidade de uso
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18.05.2021 Porto
Betsy N. Tenant
that you cater to long stay, digital nomad :)
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14.05.2021 Порту
Szymon S. Tenant
It's cheaper than Airbnb and it's optimized for digital nomads
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11.05.2021 Porto
Tiago T. Tenant
Encontrar casas sem burocracia
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10.05.2021 Порту
Libia B. Tenant
I like the ease and availability to do it all online.
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08.05.2021 Espinho
Cheryl B. Tenant
Ease of use, clear guidelines
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07.05.2021 Порту
Michael B. Tenant
Easy to find places, and very informative.
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07.05.2021 Порту
Amy K. Tenant
Utilities included in rental.
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05.05.2021 Porto
Céline G. Tenant
De beaux appartements très bien mis en valeur.
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01.05.2021 Порту
Leonardo R. Tenant
We love that's easy to find accomodations for long periods
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30.04.2021 Порту
Ray M. Tenant
Very nice, large apartment in a great area. Furnishings are excellent and appear to be in great condition.
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29.04.2021 Порту
Antonio F. Tenant
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28.04.2021 Porto
Mary H. Tenant
It is the best site accommodating all the needs from all the information about the propertys amenities so thorough and the ease of getting a much needed signed contract for my residency visa. I haven't done that yet but the fact you offer it is immeasurable. Thank you I got a list from from an expat site and yours was the second one I tried I liked your name.
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23.04.2021 Порту
Catherine M. Tenant
I like that the accommodation is cheaper than anywhere else, and that you can live in the places for much longer.
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15.04.2021 Porto
Cristina D. Tenant
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13.04.2021 Porto