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Bea A.
Santa Ponsa, Мадрид, Torremolinos, Севилья, Валенсия
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Hello! We have been in accommodation management for over 12 years. Alterhome is a technology-driven hospitality company offering built spaces for short and medium term rental in various cities around the world. With over 12 years in the market and thousands of beautiful homes built for travel and living, we are transforming the future of hospitality.
Интересы и увлечения
I am interested in books and fantasy series that take our imagination to fly, I could spend hours distracting my mind and analyzing each of the chapters, they are part of my favorite hobbies and that's why I have a lot of books. My other passion is cooking, I could spend hours cooking and especially for my loved ones, there is nothing better than eating and what better than to show affection with a good plate of food! :)

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