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Antigoni A.
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Our family vacation house where we passed 15 summer holidays as a family is now available for booking! From this point forward, I choose to do my best to convert it into an fitting place for travellers, digital workers, families, or lonesomeness lovers. I try to make it convenient inside, creating special places that help tenants take advantage of the fullest of it and also be comfortable. Working table, foldable desks in front of the windows to enjoy the fresh air or the sound of the rain while reading, pic-nic table in the terrace, a set of outdoor furniture to pause end enjoy the nature, barbeque grill, and a screen in the living room. -some of them are not yet in the photo gallery, contact me for info-.
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I like gardening the traditional way and I have studied horticulturalist the modern way. Currently i teach Spanish online. In my free time i like to be sewing clothes and modify old clothes. A traveler my self, I was always hosting people as often as i could; From bicycle tourists to nomads to digital nomads and beyond, I have always welcomed travellers as guests at my place in Thessaloniki . It was always a pleasure to know that they had found a corner to feel at home.

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