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Serve BnB A.
Санта-Крус-де-Тенерифе, Candelaria, Los Cristianos, La Mata, Arona, El Médano, Tachero, Сан-Кристобаль-де-Ла-Лагуна, Adeje, Bajamar, Puertito de Güímar, La Esperanza, Los Abrigos, Taganana
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Serve B&B is an initiative aimed at all property owners who have not yet discovered the advantages of the collaborative economy and all those who, knowing them, prefer avoiding all obligations of this mode of renting. Studies show that renting real estate for short periods of time increases profits and reduces risks in comparison with traditional rent. Serve B&B was born to help property owners who wish to take advantage of this new way of doing things but have not the time and resources to do so. Serve B&B services allow our property owners to be unconcerned, delegating the marketing of their accommodation at the most important web platforms; the professionals analysis for optimizing the price per night; selection of the guests who will respect and take care of the accommodation; welcoming, cleaning, maintaining and conserving their home in good conditions.
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In a nutshell, our property owners can benefit of the new advantages without worrying about the inconvinients of the services. But Serve B&B is also a new experience for guestsOur team consists of locals and seeks to make guests feel like them, enjoy the pleasures that only local people know and find in our accommodations one more of the unique places hidden in our lands.

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