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Myya A.
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Hi! I’m so excited to introduce you to Evia (a real gem of an experience) as well as my lovely apartment. I’ve been renting this property as a holiday let since 2018. Google - Colours Seaview Apartment Evia to see reviews of the property on Booking.com, and Airbnb etc Its availability is only through Autumn, Winter and Spring at a special monthly price. But don’t let the cooler seasons stop you. Greece and this property is lovely & warm all year round in fact the sunsets are even more magnificent in the cooler months with sunny days and snowcapped mountains in the distance. The view is inspiring in every way particularly for writers, artists and programmers. I’m happy to introduce you to local services and guide you through the best experience possible. Whether you want a good gym, physio, masseur, places to shop, restaurants, sightseeing, local food, shopping and cultural activities. The area is rich in history and local produce. Feel free to ask me, I’m your personal Greek speaking concierge and a total fan of amazing Evia (hint : google amazingevia) Generally, a car is essential for the best experience in Greece & the island of Evia is no exception. Driving around the island is relatively easy and the use of a compact hybrid car is negotiable, so again feel free to ask.
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I'm a bit of a foodie with a passion for art, design, music and history. And I've found that Greece surprising on all fronts. You'll discover stylish shops, music playing in supermarkets, fabulous food and beautiful scenery. The museums are amazing even in the smallest towns (eg Thiva) and all so close to home base in Nea Artaki. Greece has been severally impacted by the financial crisis with infrastructure and capital works being mostly effected. Expect potholes in the local roads, litter, graffiti, stray dogs community fed dogs and unfinished buildings. However this is balanced by stylish interiors, great customer service, breathtaking views, fabulous beaches & water sports, a huge variety of delish healthy foods and abundance of cultural activities. Most people under 40 speak English and there are several people in the building who speak English.

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