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Petra G.
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I am a young Hungarian woman from Budapest. When I was a child I spent 3 years in the USA , so I speak fluent English. My father also speaks russian language. Later in school I started italian, so now I speak some Italiano too, on a medium level, let's say. I graduated in economics / marketing field . I am quite well traveled already , as it comes to Europe, though many places are still on my bucket list . My friends consider me friendly, easygoing, funny, I love to entertain and to be entertained. I love to meet funny , interesting , open minded people from all over the world. I like to learn new things , different way of thinking with people from all over the world. I love to explore new things , understand new people and share life experiences. Cheers to all of You, Petra ps.: This apartment belonged to my grandparents who passed away some years ago. We renovated it really carefully. We are looking for: -non-smokers, - trustable - normal people.
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I like outdoor sports, bicycle, parties, festivals, animals, and traveling.

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