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Thomas C
Thomas C.
Neighborhood hero
Neighborhood hero
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Обо мне
My name is Thomas Cock. I was born In Congo but raised in Belgium. I lived innocent days till we started English classes at school… I immediately switched to Spanish. After, I think I just kept the rhythm of changing and exploring new paths. I moved to Montreal where I became humorist and performed at JUST FOR LAUGH, to Paris, where I was an actor, to San Francisco where I worked for NGOs. There, I really discovered how laughing could heal. Laughing was such a journey so far and when 2 years ago, the customs officer reading my passport said: “it is a pity, to a letter close, you were Thomas Cook”. I started to organize tours, making jokes then comedy dinners and from a thing to another, Laughing therapy popped up in my life and since then, I chose to practice laughter yoga as a sinecure for my own life and to share its virtues.
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I love reading, talking, watching a good movie, but I would enjoy even more spending some time in Nature!!

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