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Feeling I
Feeling I.
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Regina K.
Перед месяц назад
We loved staying in this apartment :)
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Перед 6 месяцев назад
This is a little gem located right at the Douro River. We have spent 2 months there during lockdown. The views, the walks , the promenade right outside makes this a treasure at any time.
The apartment is perhaps in the best possible location. It is fully equiped and there is nothing to worry about, you have everything you require here.
We took a long walk one Sunday to Matosinhos via the river and beaches. At every turn you experienced a different vista. We have travelled the whole French Riviera and some of this walk is reminiscent of the little villages along the Riviera. There was also a fantastic locally produced market in the park adjacent to the river. It is a 12km walk one way in total but well worth the walk especially on a balmy Sunday afternoon.
If you are visiting the beautiful city of Porto you cannot beat this apartment.
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Перед 5 месяцев назад
Perfect apartment, ideal location, we couldn't have expected any better. It was exactly as we hoped for, in fact so much so we extended our stay twice.
Anna F.
Anna F.
Перед 25 дней назад
The studio was beautiful, comfortable beds and super amazing garden. Unfortunatelly, I am giving this poor rating as the house was surrounded by construction and it was so so noisy during all my stay (including the Saturdays, the construction was starting at 8:00am and during the weekdays it was hard to focus at work due to the noises). Even I complained about this with the landlord, no alternative was given to me during my stay. I really recommend to check with the landlord if the construction is still going on before signing any contract.
Melissa D.
Melissa D.
Перед 24 дня назад
Very friendly and helpful landlord. Would definitely stay with them again.
Galina S.
Galina S.
Перед 16 дней назад
Instructions to find and enter apartment unclear, the AC was leaking copious amounts of water on the floor, the bedroom is under the roof and the AC doesn't reach there (it gets very warm), the street below is very very busy despite being so small (cars, buses, loud motorbikes). The agency did very little to remedy the leak, expected us to be present for the technician instead of them, would not offer a partial discount. After a week of non-stop complaining, the landlord finally offered to move us to a different and larger apartment which was in a much less convenient location. We had no choice but to accept because of the AC leak that went unfixed, the temperature issues, and the noise at the apartment. Bed linen had several stains, and the bathroom towels were half polyester which doesn't absorb water. I would not recommend this apartment (or any other managed by Feeling Inn) based on my two weeks stay and wish I had stayed with a different agency in Porto.
Fraser C.
Fraser C.
Перед 11 дней назад
This was the most horrific experience of renting a property I have ever had. Upon checking in, I was horrified to find a very large and noisy construction site overshadowing the back garden and terrace, bearing in mind this was the main reason I booked this apartment as it is only a studio with no lounge or sofa.

Rosario who let me into the flat, informed that the construction was only happening from Monday to Saturday, 8am-6pm. After demanding to cancel the contract which was for almost 5 weeks, I was told it was not possible and they wouldn't partially refund me.

On the last day, Rosario entered the flat without permission and told me to leave with no notice period. I had withheld the last weeks rent so I could get out of the contract, as I was getting very stressed out with everything going on.

These people at the Feeling Inn have zero empathy or consideration for their guests, and I cannot advise more against booking this apartment or using their services.


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