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остров Муртер, Загреб
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City Lodge Zagreb - deluxe studio apartment

Оценено: 21.12.2021 Length of stay: 15 дней

It was very nice to see her .
She is very kind and polite , and has very warm heart .
If l visit her country again , l want to stay in her apartment.
I can be easy to stay safely.
In addition, the room that she’ e given me was so clean and beautiful…. ♡
I could stay in that apartment like a good hotel’s stay .
Thanks for giving me food room …. ♡

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Yukari K.

Neighborhood safety not rated
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Обо мне
My name is Andreja, and I have been renting propertise for more than 15 years. If you choose to stay in one of my properties I would be very glas to host you and make your stay comfortable and enjoayable as much as I can. Welcome from all over te world!

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