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Chema C.
Santa Pola, Аликанте
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Luxury house near the Mediterranean sea

Оценено: 18.01.2023 Length of stay: 14 дней

We had to clean the apartment as it was so dirty we couldn't stand it. The floor, the cutlery, the dishes, etc.
At the end when we cleaned up the spaces of the apartment where we stayed, and the owner still deducted 50 euros for cleaning, as the 'new cleaning lady' found dust.
Honestly wouldn't recommend the place at all to stay. Incorrect owner.

It's a peaceful neighbourhood, the tram stops really close to the apartment

Recommended places nearby
All the restaurants on the beach nearby are really good, no particular one to recommend.

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Gabor F.

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Neighborhood safety
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Public transport

Luxury house near the Mediterranean sea

Оценено: 05.07.2022 Length of stay: 2 месяца

The neighbours kept taking pictures of us?
Also they wanted to sign us an list with all there belongings with prices of the items on it.
I refused to sign as most of the items are a bit older already and a lot is damaged.
Took photo's as soon I moved in just in case.

It is a very nice community, however be prepared for a neighbourhood watch.
My dog peed on a fence once and within 5 minutes I had messages on my phone it should not pee and poo everywhere.
This was in the first week.
Other neighbours taking photo's of me taking the trash out? Bit mixed feelings on this one.

Recommended places nearby
Some nice walking areas, beaches, and parks close by.
City centre with lot's of restaurants is a 15 min. Walk

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Giuliana R.

Neighborhood safety
Services nearby
Public transport

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I am an experienced landlord and try to adapt your needs and resolve as soon as possible any problem that may arise.

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