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Carlos F.
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Founder My Scandinavian parents brought me to Tenerife in 1949. I was 8 months old. Lucky me, I spent my childhood here in idyllic Puerto de la Cruz. In the 70s, with my soulmate, we lived intensely between Scandinavia, Canaries, London and California; reading, learning and meeting people. In the 80s we became farmers, raising our two sons, cows, and sheep. In the 90s we came back and opened a spiritual bookstore, with an aim, provide what is necessary to all those who seek a fulfilling and happy life. “Soluciones” thrived with books, crystals, therapies, workshops and events. It also gave us the opportunity to travel, attend seminars and bring crystals and meaningful gifts to our island. Today, 30 years later, circumstances and people align, and the allure of this wonderful place once again guides me to another project, a Retreat center, with the same purpose, a meeting place to grow inwardly.

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