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A more human way of staying in Barcelona! We are an experienced company with more than 10 years receiving hosts. We know that each traveler that comes to our city has a unique combination of needs and preferences. We are looking forward to meet you, find the perfect apartment and ensure that you enjoy the best possible stay in Barcelona.
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Your style. Your apartment We want you to experience the essence of Barcelona while you feel at home. This is why all our apartments’ interiors have their unique soul, design and charm, so you will be able to find the one that exactly matches your style. We believe in sustainability We are very proud to be recognized with the Sustainability Certification by Biosphere Responsible Tourism, for promoting respect for the environment, culture, working conditions, gender equality and social and economic return. We owe it to Barcelona. We love Barcelona We’re not another face-less renting agency, but a family of Barcelona lovers ready to help and show you around. Our team is formed by passionated individuals from all over the world. Each guest has an amazing story We are committed to ensure that all our guests live an exceptional and authentic experience in Barcelona. Their happiness is our success. Hospitality is the key.

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