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Help Center Guide for landlords Lease agreement Does Flatio provide a rental contract template or do I need my own?
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Does Flatio provide a rental contract template or do I need my own?

Flatio generates a lease agreement contract from the information that you and the tenant provide. When you accept a reservation request, you authorize the system to create a new signed agreement in your name. Then, the potential tenant signs the lease agreement with a unique authorization code Flatio sends to their telephone number. This makes it possible for the contract to be signed securely from anywhere in the world.

Flatio lease agreement contracts are unique and have been developed over years. We dare say they are almost bulletproof; they provide the necessary legal certainty to you and the tenant. 

Here are the most essential principles:

  • The lease agreement is concluded for the lease period you and the tenant have set. This is the date range for which a booking request was created and approved.
  • It is the same for all Flatio landlords and is in full compliance with the laws of the country in which housing is rented through Flatio.
  • The language of the contract is determined by the location of the rental property, but the lease agreements are also translated into English and other most-used languages.
  • The lease agreement guarantees the credibility of the presentation of the property you have listed on Flatio. Thus, potential tenants can rely on the fact that the flat or room actually looks the same as we have presented it on our portal. If this is not the case, then the tenant is entitled to appropriate compensation (a refund of the rent, including fees, and full reimbursement for a hotel stay up to 7 days).
  • The rental agreement can be comfortably extended. If there is mutual satisfaction and the tenant wants to stay in housing longer, then the rental agreement can be extended. Otherwise, the agreement can be easily terminated if the reasons for it occurs.
  • With rental prices which include services (Internet and costs for energies), there is a minimum administration in the transfer of housing. Energy is billed only if it exceeds 25% of the monthly rent, so you don't even have to worry about the extreme consumption of your tenant.
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