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Help Center Help for tenants How does Flatio work? How to proceed if the landlord is entitled to a (refundable) deposit according to his Flatio settings?
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How to proceed if the landlord is entitled to a (refundable) deposit according to his Flatio settings?

Payment and the due date of the deposit

You will pay the (refundable) deposit to the Flatio account in the same way as in the case of the first rent from your My Housing web application. The deposit is payable on the day Lease Agreement's beginning (ie on the day when your rental begins, usually it is the day of the moving-in) and it is necessary to pay it by this day.

If the deposit is not credited to Flatio's bank account on the day of the beginning of your lease, the landlord may, on Flatio's recommendation, decide not to move you in and terminate the contract unilaterally by termination from the beginning, to which he is entitled according to the General terms and conditions.

However, if the landlord lets you stay in his housing without a deposit, even though he is entitled to it according to his offer settings, he can terminate the contract at any time during your stay for gross violation - in this case you are not entitled to a refund of rent already paid for a given season.

IMPORTANT! When handing over the housing, do not forget to properly document the housing via photographs and sign the handover protocol with the landlord - you will avoid possible discrepancies in the billing of the deposit.

Billing of the deposit

Within 7 days from the end of the lease agreement (including the 7th day), the landlord has to present you with a billing of the deposit (ie a decision on how he will handle the deposit), ideally in the form of a clear document. If the landlord does not do so within 7 days, please contact us at support@flatio.com - the landlord has violated the conditions under which he can ask for a refundable deposit.

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