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Help Center Guide for landlords Lease agreement Can I get a printed lease agreement?
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Can I get a printed lease agreement?

Flatio is a purely online service, and we try to be mindful of the environment by reducing paper waste. We don’t provide any printed agreements. Instead, our lease agreements are digital contracts that are signed online and do not require the simultaneous physical presence of the tenant and landlord.

But, if you need a paper copy, you can always print one yourself. In My Rentals:

  1. Go to Tenants and select a specific tenant.
  2. In the menu under the tenant’s name, select the Agreements tab. You will see an overview of contracts with this tenant.
  3. Click Detail to see the lease agreement you want to print.
  4. In the Required documents and signatures click on Show button next to lease agreement.
  5. The web browser displays a PDF of the contract that you can save and print.
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