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Help Center Help for tenants Reservation request Can I cancel my reservation request?
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Can I cancel my reservation request?

Of course! However, the next steps depend on the current status of the reservation request.

Whether the reservation request was canceled before or after the landlord’s acceptance, it is always appropriate to apologize to the landlord and explain to him the reasons for the cancellation.

Before the landlord’s response (within 24-hours response time window)

If the reservation request is still without the landlord’s response, you can easily cancel it from your profile in My Housing app. The cancellation can be done directly from the Actual reservation section on Dashboard or from the Reservations section in the left menu bar. The next step is the same for both of these sections. 

  1. Within the chosen section click on the Detail button of the required reservation request.
  2. In the open detail of the reservation request click on the Cancel reservation button, which you can find on the right side under the landlord’s profile photo. Confirm the whole action.

This action will cancel created reservation request. We remind you that because of this early cancellation, the reservation fee is forfeited to the Flatio service.

After the landlord’s acceptance

Once the landlord accepts the reservation request, it can only be canceled from his side after the expiration of the 24-hour time window for finishing the contractual process. In this case, it’s necessary to contact the landlord via the Messages section and ask him to cancel the entire reservation. 

If you wish to cancel the whole reservation faster than after 24-hours from its acceptance, it’s necessary to inform the landlord about it and contact us via e-mail (support@flatio.com), so we can proceed your request.

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